Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Warhammer Progress

Progress on my Warhammer Fantasy Battles army:

Since last week:

I've assembled a unit of Bretonnian men-at-arms, painted them, and based them.

I've primed ten Bretonnian knights/mounted men-at-arms.

I've finished painting 3 Bretonnian knights.

I've painted my first piece of Warhammer terrain (a gatehouse that my son got me for my birthday).

I have a total of about a hundred and seven Bretonnian models. All but eight are fully painted. I'll start the trebuchet this weekend. I've yet to assemble the dwarves and night goblins I have in the box.

My wife is taking pictures of the collection now, as I write.

I also picked up the new 40K rulebook on Saturday, and am trying to decide between Tau, Imperial Guard, and Space Marines. Any suggestions?

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