Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend gaming thoughts

Spent yesterday at my friendly local gaming store. I picked up the new Warhammer 40K boxed set (I'll be opening that sometime this week to start painting). I also got to play Dust, a board game that plays a little like a bastard child of Risk and Axis and Allies. Great fun.

I've been spending my Saturday's down at Natural 20 in Westmont. The nice thing has been that I've gotten to play games I'd never thought of playing before. Last week, I watched a game of AT-43(sci-fi minis combat), the week before, it was some other board game...great fun.

I've led a pretty insular life when it comes to gaming. I used to be very uptight about finding small groups to play with. Now, I really enjoy hanging out in a store, playing anything new that anyone recommends. I think that's why I enjoy playing Warhammer, too...I like the idea of just bringing an army to a store, and playing anyone who's up for a game.

I own so many games, its ridiculous. I recently had the revelation: if I'm not careful, I'll never actually get to play any of these. So now, I'm making an effort to play the stuff I have o9n my shelves. It may sound elementary, but with a collection like mine, you can kind of forget that they're supposed to be taken out and played and enjoyed.

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