Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I sent this letter to the East Kingdom League of Rapier Academies mailing list


Here are my ideas, on how to start transition the League into a group encouraging historical swordsmanship.

I: Encourage members on how to focus their studies. Does the fighter want to study a particular master (such as Capo Ferro, Silver, or Di Grassi [not the show about Canadian high-school students])? Does the fighter want to study the swordfighting of a particular culture (like the English, Italians, Spanish or, maybe something more exotic or specific, like the Sea Dogs or the a military longsword style)? How about studying a particular time period, or clothing style, or mannerisms of a particular class of fighting, or a specific type of fighter (member of the London Masters, perhaps, or mercenary). How about studying other aspects of swordfighting culture, like dueling, or how masters made their livings in different places?

The idea here is to make the thought of transitioning into studying historical swordfighting less intimidating for those people who just don't have the interest into looking into manual work. There are plenty of ways of furthering the study of historical swordfighting than just studying manuals.

II: Encourage mentoring. If you've discovered something new and cool, then tell everyone . Use the Yahoo-group to spread information. Announce that you'd like to show off what you've learned at practice. We can use the League as a kind of storehouse for information. And pass it on to other members of the League. Post bibliographies, videos, pictures...whatever encourages and inspires further study and practice.

III: Demonstrate what you know. Show off at demonstrations. ENCOURAGE PRIZE-FIGHTS. Do prize-fights at demonstrations and big events. Invite local Barons and Baronesses to witness the displays. Encourage competitions with duels. Show off what you can do! demonstrate longsword vs. rapier! Demonstrate curved blades vs. some other stuff! Cut versus thrust! Italian vs. Spanish! Use our competitive natures to encourage inter-academy competition! This is high drama, people!

There are just a few thoughts that have been popping around in my mind since the weekend. More later.

Lorenzo Gorla. CSC. QHD. AOA. Silver Gauntlet (Iron Bog)
Bhakail Champion of Fence. Captain: LoRA.
Co-Founder: Hawkwood Academy of Arms
Scapegoat: Tadcaster Militia.

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