Thursday, August 20, 2009

Universal truth at fencing practice

My partner and I started talking at practice last night about how to start with studying Fabris' manual. We went through a good part of the first section of the book, going over what we took away from each section, and discovering what common theme ran underneath everything.

There were a few things that weren't necessarily surprises to either of us: the importance of performing motions in a single tempo, the basics of measure, and patience.

Throughout the book, a common theme is that one does not perform an aggressive action until the stars are right. Don't be the aggressor at the risk of loosing tempo. Be wary of moving into measure with someone who is in a static guard, waiting for your move.

Be patient. Wait. Back up.

Chill out.

Be still.


So next week, we'll begin working on the plates. The first, of course, being the first position.

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