Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ideas from my drive

I have a long drive to work. Some of the ideas I've come up with on my drive:

1: Burnt Stars: a Star Wars RPG set in the "far future" of the Star Wars universe. A mixture of sword-and-sorcery and Star Wars. Barbarians with lightsabers. Sith sorcerers.

2: Gutter Memory: a game of Wraith: the Oblivion. Spirits of the homeless overwhelm the streets of Newark, NJ in 1978.

3: Place of Forgetting: story for the 7th Sea RPG. Political enemies are held in a remote prison, on an island far from civilization. They fight to survive.


Matt said...

The Burnt Stars sounds very interesting for a long term campign.

The Place of Forgetting sounds like good too, sort of a 7th Sea version of "The Prisoner". However, I don't see a long term game.

As for the Wraith game, I don't know enough about the game world or setting you have in mind to give my $0.02.

Gonster said...

I would love to play in the "Burnt Stars" setting -- I like Star Wars but I hate the canon.