Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Artisian Dice Bags!

So excited! My new dice bags from Greyed Out Productions came in the mail today. I'd ordered two: his Ork-inspired design, and a reversable grey/red flat-bottomed bag.

The ork skull looks fantastic. The bag is a kind of linen...not something you expect for a dice bag, especially when felt (and Crown Royal bags, for some of us old-timers) is the norm. There are a couple of layers to the bag; it feels like it will pretty hearty.

The reversable bag is something different. I haven't seen many flat-bottom bags. Its deceptively large; it looks like I could keep a nice bit of my collection in there. The black and gray interior is sharp. I can see myself actually swapping my dice out, just to be able to reverse the bag. Sound odd? Yeah, but I'm funny like that.

The craftsmanship on these bags is extrordinary. The seams are very well-done. There's obviously a great deal of care that's been taken in the design and construction. The positions of the drawstrings, for example, is thought out to make better "seals" when they're drawn. They feel like they will last.

The bags are a little more expensive than I would normally pay for dice bags. However, when I finally decided to make my purchase, I looked at it as buying art. Buy these bags, and you're buying quality products made by an artist.

Check out for artwork, dice bags, and even shirts.

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