Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fencing practice after-action report

I had a fantastic fencing practice last night. I got a great deal out of two fights and an evening of discussion and looking through a manual. A good amount of the evening was devoted to working our way through a very small section of a Renaissance fencing manual (Duncan, Lissa...who was the author, again?). We took a close look at the way a particular maneuver was described, and tried different variations...the usual stuff you should be doing when working with the interpretation of a fencing manual. Very enjoyable.

I talked with a couple of people about how they fight, and it helped alot. Often, I don't completely see how some people execute some types of attacks, and I get stumped. I learned more about body movement and directions of attacks out of a small conversation.

The sitting and talking about how we fence helped me a great deal. This was exactly the night I needed to re-energize me to fence more.

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