Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My first Warhammer session

We had our first Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game session this past Sunday. It felt like it was a complete success! It was a new system for all of us. Only one player had a strong background in the Warhammer setting. One did some research beforehand, and jotted down a one-page character biography (something I didn't expect, but it gave her a good starting point).

I was most impressed that three of the four players opted to use the random generation method to choose careers. As such, we have an Apprentice Wizard, Fisherman, Pit Fighter, and Entertainer (that player chose her career). I discussed the setting, mood and rules. Within a couple of hours, we were ready for a short combat to try out the rules system.

An hour and six dead goblins later, we were ready to play. This was a surprise to me...I expected character creation and the trial combat to take the whole night.

I gave some background to the setting (see my previous post), and started the adventure. There was a riotous mob, accusations of witchcraft, dark magic, and a battle with a beastman.

I was actually left drained. The entire week before, I'd been eating, breathing and drinking Warhammer. I read the rulebook cover-to-cover, and received the Old World Armory and Sigmar's Heirs (the guide to the Empre) Saturday. I'm still coming down from the day. Its difficult to even prep for my D&D game this coming Sunday. This stuff just gets under your skin, you know?

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