Friday, March 14, 2008

Some basic notes for my Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game

Rossenstadt: A rivertown.

A setting for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The Empire: the year 2522 of the Imperial Calender. The province of Middenland.

Rosenstadt is a town built on the bones of a series of two-centuries-old fortress.

In 2210, a small fortress was constructed on a tributary leading to the Stir river to protect a bridge and road against beastmen and bandits. For fifty years, militia-men and soldiers would be stationed at the fortress, and were successful at defending the path through the woods. In 2264, a tribe of beastmen banded together and assaulted the fortress, razing it to the ground.
In 2408, a small band of road-wardens built a way-station at the site of the old fortress. Some travelers through the area erected a market for traveling merchants at the way-station, and a mill at the river. Before long, a village grew. By the present day, the site has grown to a small town, supporting itself by selling tanned goods and livestock. Some guides have made a living by selling their services to passers-through.

In recent times, the town more militia and mercenaries have made Rossenstadt their base of operations. Though there have been very few sightings of beastmen in the immediate area, men-at-arms have found more and more work in the region. Most of them have said the same thing, in hushed tones in the local tavern: do the townspeople comprehend the threats surrounding them?

Three decades ago, a handful of inquisitors hunted down a necromancer in the surrounding woods. The remains were tossed in a pit and marked with a stone bearing the hammer of Sigmar. Folk say that no animal will go near the area.

The remains of the original soldiers from the first fortress were never found. Maybe the beastmen devoured them. Maybe they raised themselves after their deaths, seeking revenge.

Outlaws and bandits have taken to the woods, attacking anyone still making their way through the woods.

An enclave of elves is hidden in the woods.

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